Wooden Wheel 36″

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A vehicle using 2 reinforceed Wooden Wheel 36″.

Wooden Wheel 36″ is a crafted part in the transport category. Wooden Wheel 36″ used to be called Wheel 3 before v.0.3.0.

Cost[edit | edit source]

Looks[edit | edit source]

Wooden Wheel 36″.png

Functions and uses[edit | edit source]

Wooden Wheel 36″ can be built on various blocks. Doing so will create a bearing allowing the wheel to rotate. Using Belts allows the player to attach the wheel to an Engine/Aeolipile engine allowing for powered rotation and control by the player. Wheel 36″ is the second smallest and cheapest wheel in Mechanic Miner.

Augmentations[edit | edit source]

Wooden Wheel 36″ has augmentations.

  • Stickiness: Coats the Wooden Wheel 36″ in slime, making it stick to any terrain it touches (+1.5 Slimesmall.png Slime)
  • Reinforce: Reinforce the Wooden Wheel 36″ with iron making it more durable against attacks (+1.5 Ironsmall.jpg Iron)