Mechanic Miner Wiki

The version history of Mechanic Miner consists of the changes that have been made to the game with each update.


all versions released that can be bought on steam.

Update Release date Notable changes
v.0.5.0 May 22, 2019 First Purchasable version, Beta Multiplayer

Closed Beta[]

The Closed Beta is a phase lasting from May 10 to May 20 2019.

Update Release date Notable changes
v.0.4.0d May 17, 2019 Major bug fixes.
v.0.4.0c May 17, 2019 -
v.0.4.0b May 14, 2019 Reduced the amount of Demon Interceptors spawning during an Aether Storm in Survival Mode.

When you die in Survival Mode you will now respawn with your full inventory. Tutorial changes.

v.0.4.0a May 14, 2019 Added support for 4K resolutions.
v.0.4.0 - first Closed Beta release May 10, 2019 Updated Interface & Main Menu. Added more music. Redesigned the Tutorial. Many more major & minor changes.

Closed Alpha[]

The Closed Alpha was the first semi-publicly playable version of Mechanic Miner, the game was distributed via a steam-key lottery, due to the Developers only wanting a small number of people having access to the game for testing purposes.

This phase lasted from December 6, 2017 to May 10, 2019 with the beginning of Closed Beta testing.

update Release date Notable changes
v.0.3.1 December 20, 2018 Tweaked the amount of fuel drained from the modules when used with a weapon. Added a small visual cooldown indicator on the Cannon.

Final version of the Closed Alpha.

v.0.3.0a December 13, 2018 added Fuchsia plant. Changed how the damage of Sawblade, Steel spike and Spike are calculated.
v.0.3.0 - The Lootification Patch December 6, 2018 21 new resources. 4 new parts. 2 new enemies. new enemy behavior. 10 new augmentations. added modules. added deep caves. revamped damage system. bigger inventory. added console/ chat. Removed part: Tiny tank. Removed part: Iron coupling. Removed part: Slider.
v.0.2.0b September 20, 2018 -
v.0.2.0a September 13, 2018 Major bug fixes
v.0.2.0 - released as v.0.1.4 but later changed. September 6, 2018 huge performance boost.
v.0.1.3c August 30, 2018 Reduced the amount of frogs in the tutorial cave.
v.0.1.3b August 9, 2018 Reduced the Mini-roach melee attack damage.
v.0.1.3a July 31, 2018 Temporary reverted “General performance optimization”
v.0.1.3 July 26, 2018 Aether Storm added. Blueprint menu optimized. Added character customization. Research Facility + new tech-system added. Survival Mode added. Demon Flyer & Demon Interceptor added. Various other additions and bug fixes.
v.0.1.2 February 20, 2018 Pistons & Sliders added. part updates, tutorial updates, bug fixes
v.0.1.1b February 5, 2018 balloon now inflates faster, various boss-related bug fixes
v.0.1.1a January 26, 2018 -
v.0.1.1 January 23, 2018 Music added. Ability to fuse/dislodge parts added. Added Creative mode. Added save/load feature. Added steam workshop. Several new parts.
v.0.1.0c December 21, 2017 -
v.0.1.0b December 15, 2017 -
v.0.1.0a December 14, 2017 -
v.0.1.0 December 6, 2017 First playable version released


This phase lasted from around 2015 to the release of the first playable version on December 6th 2017. Not much is known about this version, other than what was shown off in the Concept Trailer

A photo of the iconic Mechanical Spider from the game in 2015