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A player encountering The Dweller

The Dweller is the final boss in act 1 (Story Mode).




The Dweller is found in the Dweller cave in the overworld.


Once you activate The Dweller encounter The Dweller will start moving towards the player, crushing any machinery that comes to close. The Dweller will alternate between two different attacks:

  • Launch: The Dweller starts moving backwards and, after a short delay, The Dweller will launch itself towards the player doing massive damage.
  • Cave-in: The Dweller yells, triggering a massive cave-in in front of it.

After the Cave-in attack, The Dweller will go into a vulnerable state, taking extra damage when attacked.


Upon killing The Dweller you will be rewarded with some experience. In addition you'll have a chance of receiving the following upon harvesting the corpse of The Dweller:

Tips and Tricks[]

  • It's important to kill The Dweller before reaching the end of the cave. Failing to do so will most surely get you killed.
  • If you see The Dweller getting ready to attack, it's important to back off as fast as possible. Try to keep your distance while attacking with ranged weapons.