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A Swarm of Bees attacking the player and a beehive hanging on a tree (left).

The Swarm of Bees is a hostile Mob in Mechanic Miner.




The Swarm of bees can be found in beehives hanging on trees in the desert.


Trying to harvest a beehive will cause a Swarm of Bees to spawn. The Swam of Bees will then proceed to follow the player, and will attack when in close range. The Swarm of Bees are relentless and will never stop chasing the player unless killed.


Upon killing the Swarm of Bees you will be rewarded with some experience. Killing a Swarm of Bees doesn't leave any corpses, thus nothing to harvest. But harvesting the beehive of which the Swarm of Bees spawned will grant you Wax Waxsmall.png.