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Steel Spike is a crafted part in the Weapons category.


So, you wont stand on a bed of spikes but you'll stand on a bed on spikes? hmm well played.


A silver, metallic spike with rigid edges. No visual difference from Spike.


Functions and uses[]

Steel Spikes are a structural Weapon. Steel Spikes can be rotated in any direction. Currently it does not matter their orientation, Steel Spikes will do damage as long as they connect with proper velocity. Unlike most structural blocks, Steel Spikes cannot be connected to bearings.

Steel Spikes are made of Iron and Manganese, which are strong and intractable elements, thus Steel Spikes are durable and do high damage.

Used on crafts to deal Kinetic damage to enemies which scale with velocity.

See also[]

Spike, a less durable version of Steel spike.