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This page contains the '''Release Date Information''' for ''{{Gamename}}''.
This page contains the '''Release Date Information''' for ''{{Gamename}}''.
==Release Information==
==Release date==
Mechanic Miner will go into Steam Early Access May 22nd 2019.
Mechanic Miner will go into Early access may 22nd 2019.
===Key Features===
==Release information==
Mechanic Miner will be released on Steam.
* Explore a randomly generated sandbox with the option of following the story or creating without limits.
* Mine the planet for a variety of useful resources to help you construct your own unique mechanical steam-powered machines and devices. The only limit is your imagination!
* The physics engine powers Mechanical Miner's sandbox and will test your contraptions ability to navigate the harsh terrain.
* Use your mechanical constructions to fight and defend you and your base from terrible monsters and bosses, will you survive?
* Create blueprints of your mechanical constructions, use them later in [[Story Mode|Story]] or [[Survival Mode]]s, or share them with friends on Steam Workshop and prove who the real mechanical mastermind is.
* Acquire new [[technologies]] and expand your base and building capabilities as you gain experience with the level-based progression system.
===Planned Features===
Mechanic Miner is still in development and there is so much more to come:
* Mod-support
* Full version Multiplayer (currently in beta)
* More acts in the [[Story Mode]]
* More parts/blocks/weapons/augmentations
* More monsters and bosses
* More challenges
* More fun!

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