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The Railgun is a Crafted Part in the Weapons category.


Modification costs:[]

Phase Chaining: Aetherium Aetheriumsmall.png 1



Functions and Uses[]

The Railgun is a fast shooting, low damage weapon that rapidly shoots projectiles of Rock at enemies. Unlike other ranged weapons, the Railgun is limited to shooting in a 180 degree arc in front of it. The speed and range of the Railguns' projectiles depends on the force of the steam pushed in from a Boiler, higher power boilers like the Superheated Boiler result in a faster projectile. Railguns also cannot be manually controlled, and must have Control wired in from a lever. A standard Railgun must have Rock available as ammo to fire.


The Railgun has one Augmentation.

  • Phase Chaining: Using Aetherium instead of Rock, the Railguns projectile now causes the enemies to briefly go into a paralyzing phase state. Additionally, hitting a phased enemy will cause the projectile to chain to another nearby enemy (+1 Aetheriumsmall.png Aetherium, ammo changed to Aetherium)