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Protein Proteinsmall1.jpg is one of the Materials in Mechanic Miner.


Protein, a pale cube with red stripes.


As a material that usually is to be found together with Bakelite Bakelitesmall.jpg, and retrieved from dead enemies, Protein can be hard to come by. Enemies that drop Bakelite Bakelitesmall.jpg also drop 1x Protein or more.


Protein is not a building material. It's a fuel type material necessary for regenerating health. Build a Health Generator using 5x Wood Woodsmall.jpg and 2x Copper Coppersmall.jpg, then drag some Protein from your inventory to the generator. Press E while standing next to it to recharge your health. Beware that when you are done using the Health Generator and choose to deconstruct it to get your materials back, you won't receive the remaining Protein in the generator. Try to only fill the generator with as much Protein as it requires to bring you back to full health. This is most easily done by filling it with only a few Protein bits at a time.

Things that can be fueled by Protein[]

Crafting Parts[]

Healthgenerator.png Health Generator