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Iron, stacked beside its source; an Iron deposit stuck in the ground inside a mine.

Iron Ironsmall.jpg is one of the Materials in Mechanic Miner.


Iron, a gray metallic cube.


Iron is found in some mines and is usually found in the deeper areas of the mines, meaning it can be a bit hard to come by.


While iron used for a great variety of machine parts, it's usually a key ingredient in the production of powerful weapons. In order to defeat the first boss encounters in the game, it's recommended that you use Iron-based machinery and weapons, since they're more durable and capable of doing damage more effectively.

Things that require Iron to build[]

Crafting Parts[]

Plate.png Plate 40px

Wheel 4


Wheel 7

Iron Boiler.png Boiler
Tinytank.png Tiny Tank Iron Engine.png Engine Iron Engine.png Small Engine Pipe.png Pipe Belt.png


Hopper.png Hopper 40px Lever Pressure Plate.png Pressure Plate Timer.png Timer Converter.png Converter
Railgun.png Railgun Bomb.png Bomb Lamp.png Lamp Toilet.png Toilet Flux Antenna.png Flux Antenna
Balloonyellow.png Balloon Propeller.png Propeller Screw Propeller.png Screw Hatch.png Hatch Pressure Tank.png Pressure Tank
Storage Chest.png Storage Chest Storage Safe.png Storage Safe Sawblade.png Sawblade Spike.png Steel Spike Fluxcapacitor.png Flux Capacitor
Fluxvent.png Flux Vent