Mechanic Miner Wiki

This page serves as a basic how to play guide for Mechanic Miner. Feel free to edit this guide with any tips, tricks, and suggestions.

Game Menu[]

When you first start Mechanic Miner you'll be met by the Game menu. From here you'll have a few options: New Game, Load Game, Multiplayer and Controls.


This is a small guide to the basic controls in Mechanic Miner, they cannot be rebound


  • Move: W,A,S,D or Arrow keys
  • Jump: Space
  • Grapple object / mine material: Hold right mouse button
  • Grapple lock: Hold right mouse button and click middle mouse button
  • Use object: E
  • Use instance (enter mine): F
  • Inventory: I
  • Rotate Part: Z
  • Flip object: F when placing object
  • Recycle single block/machinery: Hold shift and click left mouse button on block/machinery
  • Recycle entire object/machinery: T and click left mouse button on object/machinery
  • Recycle parts in inventory slot: T and click left mouse button on desired inventory slot
  • Repair objects: R and click and hold left mouse button on object/machinery
  • Blueprint object: B and click left mouse button on object/machinery


  • Select item / pick up item: Click left mouse button
  • Split stack: Hold shift and click left mouse button where to split stack
  • Quick transfer stack: Hold ctrl and click left mouse button from where to transfer stack


This is a small introduction to the different gamemodes of Mechanic Miner. Go to Gamemodes for a complete in-depth explanation of the different gamemodes.

When starting a new game, you may choose between 3 different gamemodes: Story Mode, Creative Mode and Survival Mode.

Story Mode[]

In Story Mode you will progress through different acts by completing quests. Currently Mechanic Miner has one act to Story Mode. Furthermore you can choose to start a Story Mode game with a tutorial teaching you the basic of Mechanic Miner.

Creative Mode[]

In Creative Mode you have access to all technologies (parts) in the game and unlimited resources. Furthermore you have the ability to fly and invincibility.

Survival Mode[]

In Survival Mode you will start in a random generated world. It's up to you what you want to do, although survival is much harder in this gamemode.

Basic gameplay[]

What you chose to do is up to you, but somewhat depends on what gamemode you have chosen. Here's a few things you could do upon starting a new game:

  • Explore: Find uncharted land with new resources, enemies and bosses.
  • Delve into the mines/caves: Find a mine or cave. These are usual filled with precious minerals.
  • Build contraptions: Use the resources you find to build new contraptions or vehicles.
  • Research new technologies: Build a Research Facility and research new technologies (parts).

Tips and Tricks[]

This section is undone. The section should consist of tips and tricks for new players

If you place a part next to another that can connect to it, you get a free connection. Examples include: Boilers + Engines, and Levers + Engines. This way you do not have to hunt down Bakelite for cables or Iron for pipes before you make your first contraption.

A turret will only fire when you click if you are clicking within it's firing arc. This can be useful to prevent you from shooting yourself.

There are a few resources, such as Azurite, which are only for coloring parts. If you don't care about aesthetics, you can dump them to make some room.

You *can* hold the mouse button to continuously fire your turrets. Just keep in mind that for some enemies which move around abruptly you might be better off taking your time with each shot.

The flax plants in the Oasis will not attack the player, only their contraptions.