Mechanic Miner Wiki

A New game in the Game menu where the player may choose gamemode.

There are 3 different gamemodes in Mechanic Miner. It's possible to change gamemode upon creating a new game, but it's not possible to change gamemode on that specific game afterwards.

Story Mode[]

"A great way to learn all about this world through a compelling story line."

In Story Mode you will progress through different acts by completing quests. Furthermore a Story Mode game can be started with a tutorial teaching you the basic of Mechanic Miner. In Story Mode you'll start with a basic vehicle, some resources in your inventory and a few unlocked technologies.

Currently Mechanic Miner has one act to Story Mode (Act 1).

Creative Mode[]

"Build and explore without restrictions."

In Creative Mode you have access to all technologies in the game and unlimited resources. Furthermore you have the ability to fly and invincibility.

Survival Mode[]

"Advanced players will have a chance to prove themselves in this merciless End Game mode."

In Survival Mode you will start in a random generated world. It's up to you what you want to do, but survival is much harder in this gamemode. In Survival Mode you'll start with no resources and a few unlocked technologies.

Every now and then, an Aether Storm will appear, making all enemies aggressive towards the player while spawning Flying Demons and more Interceptors.