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Flux antenna is a crafted part in the structure category.

A 7x7 square of Flux antenna (suspended)


  • 0.50 Ironsmall.jpg Iron
  • 0.25 Aetheriumsmall.png Aetherium


A silver. metallic frame


Functions and uses[]

Flux antenna alone function similar to Coupling, able to pass through solid blocks and connect to blocks via bearing attachment. Collides with terrain. Bearing attachment can be motorized by connecting Belts to the bearing and a suitable Engine. Flux antenna when spun at high speeds function as a kinetic stabilizer for obtaining Flux from a Flux vortex. This block cannot be augmented unlike Coupling, making them less effective as structural blocks.

Flux antenna are primarily used to stabilize a Flux vortex in deep caverns where one may appear. This is done by an antenna, of varying length, moving quickly around the inner portion of a Flux Vortex. It is commonly done with a motorized antenna suspended into the center of a Vortex.


In-game capture of Flux antenna spinning inside of a Flux vortex. (Motorized)