Drug Dispenser

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The Drug Dispenser

The Drug Dispenser is a crafted part in the Machinery category. The Drug Dispenser is sometimes referred to as the "Health Generator", a name it had before v.0.3.0.

Cost[edit | edit source]

5x Coppersmall.jpg Copper 10x Woodsmall.jpg Wood

Looks[edit | edit source]


Functions and uses[edit | edit source]

The Drug Dispenser is a machinery capable of healing the player when mounted. The Drug Dispenser consumes Protein when healing.

Augmentations[edit | edit source]

The Drug Dispenser has 2 augmentations:

  • Dispersal: Adds a Nickel cost to the Drug Dispenser, allowing the Drug Dispensers effect to work in an area around it. Furthermore, this augmentation adds a Enzyme fuel consumption.
  • Epinephrine: Adds a Chromite cost to the Drug Dispenser, making the Drug Dispenser disperse a crafting speed buff, but removes its healing effect. Furthermore, this augmentation changes the fuel Protein consumption to a Psilocybin consumption.