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Cable is a crafted part in the Circuits Category.


A box with a picture of john drawn out of Cable


A sleek black stretch of cable connected by color-coated metal tabs, can be seen over any structural block


Functions and uses[]

Cable functions as a communicator between devices. Uses Control category items to perform control tasks. Cable illuminates when active. Connects to various items similar to Belts and Pipe, but uses a visible metal tab to display functionality. Cable can intersect and overlap. Cable does not collide with Structure blocks but does collide with terrain. Cables have no augmentations.

Used to connect Levers and other Control devices to Engines and similar Machinery to control their abilities. Cables can be used with Logic gates to make contraptions and advanced circuits.


A valid Cable connection will be indicated by green lights on the metal tabs at either contact.

An invalid Cable connection will be indicated by red lights on the metal tabs at either contact.

Tabs that light up blue indicate Logic inputs, Orange lights indicate logic outputs.

Connection examples

One valid connection[]

Correct Cable connections.png

One invalid connection[]

Incorrect Cable connections.png

Compatible machines[]



  • Copper Lever
  • Lever
  • Advanced Lever
  • Switch
  • Pressure Plate

Cross Logical[]

  • Timer
  • Converter
  • Not-Gate
  • And-Gate