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In this example the player has discovered the Galvanize augmentation and 3 of the Colorize augmentation of which two of them is unlocked

Augmentations are modifiers that can be added to part or block before constructing it. Augmentations adds a more cost to the part/block which is usually a new resource that is not used to construct the original part or block.

How to add an augmentation to a part/block[edit | edit source]

Almost all the augmentations need to be unlocked through the Tech-system just like new parts and blocks. When you discover an augmentation through the Research Facility (and you have the original part/block unlocked as well) you’ll be able to unlock and enable the augmentation through the info-box of that part/block.

When an augmentation is unlocked, it can be added to the a part/block before construction it through the info-box (look at the screenshot to the right). This will increase the resource cost and change the name of the part/block depending on the augmentations activated.

List of Augmentations[edit | edit source]

A list of all the possible augmentations and the parts/block they can be created on:

Augmentation Unlock cost Resource cost Parts/Blocks Effect
Barbed 1 level +4 Manganesesmall.jpg Manganese Grappler Adds steel barbs to the rotatable hook, allowing the hook to attach itself to enemies at the cost of Manganese
Colorize 1 level +0.5 Azuritesmall.png Azurite
+0.5 Fuchsiasmall.png Fuchsia
+0.5 Larvabilesmall.png Larva Bile
+0.5 Pheomelaninsmall.png Pheomelanin
Grappler Coat the part or block with a different color depending on the mixture of color resources
Damping 1 level +0.5-1.5 Oilsmall.png Oil Piston Adds a damping effect to the Piston at the cost of Oil
Dispersal 1 level +5 Nickelsmall.png Nickel Drug Dispenser Adding Enzyme into the mixture, the effect of the Drug Dispenser will disperse in an area around it as long as it's fueled with enzyme
Driftwood 1 level +0.5 VAetheriumsmall.png Vaporized Aetherium Planks Infuse the Planlks with Vaporized Aetherium, making them lighter than air
Epinephrine 1 level +5 Chromitesmall.png Chromite Drug Dispenser Using Psilocybin instead of Protein, the Drug Dispenser will dispense a crafting speed buff, but remove its ability to restore health
Galvanize 1 level +0.5-3.5 Zincsmall.jpg Zinc Plate
Copper Wheel 48"
Iron Wheel 48"
Iron Wheel 84"
Galvanize the part/block with Zinc, making it more durable against attacks and heavier, about 181% as heavy as the coupling was before (11 galvanized ≈ 20 ungalvanized).
Length 1 level +1-7 Ironsmall.jpg Iron Piston Change the Piston length using more Iron
Phase Chaining 1 level +1 Aetheriumsmall.png Aetherium Railgun Using Aetherium instead of rock, the Railguns projectile now causes the enemies to briefly go into a paralyzing phase state. Additionally, hitting a phased enemy will cause the projectile to chain to another nearby enemy
Pierce 1 level +1 Manganesesmall.jpg Manganese Ballista Using Manganese instead of wood, the Ballistas projectile now pierces through enemies and machinery.
Reinforce 1 level +0.5-2 Ironsmall.jpg Iron Planks
Wooden Wheel 24"
Wooden Wheel 36"
Reinforcing the part/block with Iron, making it more durable against attacks.
Shotgun 1 level +1 Leadsmall.png Lead Cannon Using Lead instead of Iron, the Cannon fires 6 smaller pellets in a cone in front of it.
Speed 1 level +4 Nickelsmall.png Nickel Grappler Increases the movement speed of the rotatable hook at the cost of Nickel
Springiness 1 level +3-9 Chromitesmall.png Chromite Piston Add a springiness to the Piston at the cost of Chromite
Stickiness 1 level +1-5 Slimesmall.png Slime Wooden Wheel 24"
Wooden Wheel 36"
Copper Wheel 48"
Iron Wheel 48"
Iron Wheel 84"
Coats the Wheel in Slime, making it stick to any terrain it touches
Telescopic Arm 1 level +1 Nickelsmall.png Nickel Piston Doubles the length of the Pistons arm at the cost of Nickel