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Aether Storms are random, regular events encountered in survival mode. Aether Storms feature purple lightning and an intense fog, and are punctuated by several Flying Demons and Interceptors, which are killed once the Aether Storm ends. Aether Storms cannot be avoided by travelling into or out of mines.


Image Name Behavior
Flying Demon.png
Flying Demon Swoops high above the player, firing a single purple bullet that can damage structures.
Demon Interceptor.png
Interceptor Runs at the player, quickly destroying any structure in its path.


It is somewhat possible to survive an Aether Storm on foot in the overworld. The player can run almost exactly as fast as Interceptors, and are unlikely to be hit by Flying Demons. However, should you run into an area with enemies ahead, you may be forced to turn back and attempt to jump over the Interceptors.

Should you have a vehicle with strong enough weaponry, you will likely want to prioritize killing the Interceptors first, as they will eat your craft the quickest, and could force you to travel into other enemies.

Another early-game strategy is to build a stationary fort with strong defenses to retreat to during the storm. This may require a significant amount of firepower to accomplish, however.